Graduate Students and Laboratory Personnel


  • Ghazaleh Nourparva, Ph.D. Candidate, 2016-. Genetic interactions involved in fungal nonself recognition.
  • Jason Moggridge, M.Sc. Candidate, 2016-. Metagenomics of kombucha fermentations.
  • Emma Groulx, M.Sc. Candidate (co-supervision) 2015-. Genome analysis of biocontrol microbes.
  • Emma Micalizzi, M.Sc. Candidate, 2015-. Biotic and antibiotic control of bat white nose disease.
  • Bodunde Oyetoran, Ph.D. Candidate 2014-. Genetic interactions in Arabidopsis plant pathology.
  • Dr. Kishore Murthy, Research Associate 2013-. Phage-based antibiotics.
  • Anatoly Belov, Ph.D. 2011- Transcriptome analyses of nonself recognition in Chestnut Blight fungus (C. parasitica): influence of virus CHV1.



  • Dr. Stephen Chatfield, NSERC Engage Post-doctoral Fellow, New antifungals from plants.
  • Dr. Alex Wong, Banting Post-doctoral Fellow, 2011-2013.  Evolution of bacterial resistance to growth inhibitors.
  • Dr. Miguel Providenti, PDF 2001-2005. Detection and persistence of microbial strains in soil microcosms.
  • Dr. Selma Mautner, PDF 2002-2003. PCR-based identification and detection of soil microfungi.


  • Umesh Kumar, Research Associate 2013-2014. Isolation and production of bacteriophage against E. coli K99 strains.
  •  Braeden Cowbrough, 2013-2014. Isolation and characterization of bacteriophage that inhibit E. coli K99 strains.
  •  Bodunde Oyetoran, 2013-2014. Antibiotic resistance and genetic profiles of E. coli K99 strains.
  • Oladimeji Audu, 2013-2014. Insecticidal compounds in Vincetoxicum rossicum.
  • Isabel Cruz, 2011-2013. Antibiotic discovery and mode of action.
  • Denis Lafontaine, 2011-2013. Genetics and biochemistry of fungal nonself recognition.
  • Melissa Begin, 2005-2008. Development of molecular genetic methods for tracking fungal and bacterial strains in environment / Genetic studies on fungal nonself recognition.
  • Kenji Wellman, 2003-2006. Nonself recognition domains in N. crassa ribonucleotide reductase.
  • Samielle Hynes, 2003-2005. Genetic marker development for soil microbes.
  • Peter Gregory, 2003-2004. Development of a DNA polymerase interference assay.
  • Karen Powell, 2003-2004. Detection and enumeration of microbes in soils.


  • Leena Tabaja, M.Sc. 2015-2017. Antibiotics from edible mushrooms.
  • Jessica Parsons, M.Sc. 2015-2017. Antibiotics from Echinacea endophytes.
  • Ghazaleh Nourparva, M.Sc. 2013-2016. Protein interactions involved in fungal nonself recognition.
  • Ghyda Hashim, M.Sc. 2014-2016. Antifungal mode-of-action of berberine.
  • Joey Tanney, Ph.D. (co-supervision) 2012-2016. Endophytes from black spruce.
  • Abiodun Laoye, M.Sc. 2014-2016. Genetic interactions of vib-1 and het-6 in N. crassa.
  • Daniela Morales, M.Sc. (visiting) 2016. Antibiotic discovery and mode-of-action.
  • Sasi Kumar, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2015-2016. Calcitriol biochemical interactions in yeast.
  • Imelda Galván, Ph.D. (co-supervision) 2011-2015.  Identification and mode of action of antibiotics from probiotics.
  • Samantha Frasz, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2012-2015. Genetic identification and bioactive compounds of endophytic fungi.
  • Melissa Kohlman, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2012-2014. Microbial evolution of antibiotic resistance.
  • Ryan Reshke, M.Sc. 2011-2013. Molecular dissection of incompatibility domain in N. crassa in-24 gene encoding the large subunit of ribonucleotide reductase.
  • Emad Darvishi, Ph.D. (visiting, co-supervision) 2012. Mode of activity of selected plant essential oils.
  • Christopher Mogg, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2010-2012. Chemical genomics: discovery of novel fungicides and their mode of action.
  • Gregg Robideau, Ph.D. (co-supervision) 2006-2012. Phylogenetics of flagellar proteins in oomycetes.
  • Quinn Eggertson, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2010-2012. Phylogenetics of pathogenic oomycetes.
  • Denis Lafontaine, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2007-2010. Genetic and epigenetic control of a nonself recognition complex in N. crassa.
  • Huang Huang, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2008-2010. Biological activities of dietary food plants.
  • Kristin Duval, M.Sc. 2007-2009. Application of amplified fragment length polymorphism-derived genetic markers to address life-history hypotheses.
  • Akuaku Jones, M.Sc. (visiting) 2010-2011. Antifungal mode of action of chitin.
  • Isabel Cruz, M.Sc. 2007-2010. Mode of antifungal activity of alkamides from Echinacea.
  • Robert Smith, Ph.D. 2006-2009. Trans-species activity of a nonself recognition domain.
  • Fuad Tanha, M.Sc. 2006-2008. Hypovirus manipulation of nonself recognition-associated programmed cell death in the chestnut blight fungus, Cryphonectria parasitica.
  • Adam Moss, M.Sc. 2006-2008. Bacteriophage host recognition.
  • Mojgan Siahbazi, M.Sc. 2006-2008. Gel-mobility assays of cysteine mutants in the C-terminus region of the Neurospora crassa large subunit of ribonucleotide reductase.
  • Christine Hause, M.Sc. 2005-2007. Modification of a human DNA extraction protocol to mitigate operator risk when analyzing biohazardous materials.
  • Nadereh Mir-Rashed, Ph.D. 1999-2006. Using S. cerevisiae genetic array technologies to understand mode of action of ethnobotanical mycotics..
  • Imelda Galvan, M.Sc. 2005-2006. Identification and mode of action of antifungal in Pipsissewa.
  • Martha Mullally, M.Sc. (co-supervision) 2003-2005. Map-based cloning of A. thaliana vascular cambium regulator.
  • Moshi Kotierk, M.Sc. 2001-2004.  A suppressor of a temperature sensitive mutation in ribonucleotide reductase.
  • Carmen Gibbs, M.Sc. 2001-2004. Proteomics of fungal heterokaryon incompatibility
  • Omar Chaudhry, M.Sc. 2001-2004. Survival and persistence of genetically modified fungi.
  • Leila Haidari, M.Sc. 2000-2002. Specificity region of incompatibility in Neurospora crassa ribonucleotide reductase.
  • Cristina Micali, Ph.D. 1997-2002. Structural and functional basis of heterokaryon incompatibility.
  • Christine Ficker, M.Sc. 1999-2001. Ethnobotany and antifungal activity of tropical gingers (Zingiberaceae).
  • Nadereh Mir-Rashed, M.Sc. 1996-1998. Molecular and functional analyses of incompatibility genes at het-6 in Neurospora.
  • Sheryl Hubbard, M.Sc. 1995-1997. Characterization of un-24; a temperature-sensitive conditional mutation in Neurospora crassa defective in ribonucleotide reductase.

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