Dr. Myron L Smith is a Professor of Biology at Carleton University. He served as Chair of the Department of Biology from 2012-2016, Director of the Institute of Biochemistry from 2002-2007 and is a member of the Institute of Environmental Science. Dr. Smith teaches courses in general and molecular genetics, biotechnology, mycology and molecular ecology. His research encompasses genetics, molecular biology, microbiology and general biology and focuses on four main themes: i) deciphering the biochemical and genetic bases of nonself recognition-associated cell death, ii) identification and characterization of new antibiotics from ethnobotanical leads and from agroforestry and bioprocessing ‘waste’ for use in health, food and industrial applications, iii) development of methods to identify and enumerate microbial strains for environmental monitoring, and iv) application of genetic markers to life history studies. This research spans questions of basic biological interest and has biotechnology applications in diverse areas that include health, agrifood, environment, and biofuels.

Dr. Smith obtained his Bachelor’s degree, specializing in botany, at the University of Alberta in 1984. His Master’s Thesis was awarded in 1987 at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, specializing in genetics within the Biotechnology Program, as was his Doctorate 5 years later. Following his Ph.D., Dr. Smith received NSERC and Killam Post-Doctoral Fellowships to carry out genetics research in the Biotechnology Laboratories at the University of British Columbia. In 2001, he spent the year as a visiting scientist at Cornell University in the Plant Pathology Department.

Dr. Smith has presented his research findings at a variety of conferences, including the Annual Conference Canadian Society of Microbiologists, the European Fungal Genetics Conference, and at Fungal Genetics and Neurospora Genetics meetings at Asilomar, California. He is author or co-author on a number of scientific journal articles, reports and a book chapters, some of which can be found on the ‘Publications’ tab of this website.

His office is located at the Department of Biology at Carleton University. Dr. Smith can be reached by email at myron_smith@carleton.ca, or by phone at (613) 520-2600 extension 3864.



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